Hotel Information

As you can see from "Our History," our hotel has had a long and varied past. We are a Historical Site now.

Our rates start at $49 (plus tax) for a room with a single Queen-size bed, and start at $63 (plus tax) for a room with two beds.

The hotel has been under major renovation to update the rooms to present day standards, while maintaining the comfortable atmosphere and historical design. Private bathrooms are back in all the rooms that originally had them.

Telephones have been placed in all the rooms. Now anyone with a laptop computer will have access to an Internet connection!

Even with all the modern changes, the hotel is still the same friendly place. There is usually someone in the lobby to sit and visit with. But if not, it is a comfortable and quiet place to just sit a spell and watch the town pass by.

The hotel is also headquarters for two companies: Grizzly Tracks Publishing and the Kirkwell Cattle Company.

Grizzly Tracks publishes western stories, cowboy poetry and cards specifically illustrating western and cowboy life. The stories and cards cover many different subjects that illustrate our western heritage, and have been written by the cowboys from Baca County. Many of the stories and cards are humorous. Visit their web site to learn more.

Kirkwell Cattle Company is run by two cowboys, Dean Ormiston and Wes McKinley.

If you have a mind to go back to the Old West, you may want to take a gander at their web site by clicking here. But if you can't get to their site, you can always call Dean at (719) 523-3294. Most of the time, Dean and Wes are at their ranch taking care of their herds of cattle and horses. But for part of the year, they are taking Pilgrims on cattle drives, or weeklong rides exploring the Old West.