Our History

The road though Springfield was a main stage coach route between the Texas border and the Canadian border. Stage coaches regularly stopped in Springfield, a major town on this route during the late 1800s. During this period, a stage stop was built in this area, and remained for as long as the stage coaches ran.

As the automobile gradually replaced the horse as a means of transportation, hotels became necessary. The present hotel was built around 1923 by Bertha E. Smith. The new hotel opened under the name of "The Commercial Hotel." Bertha's business grew and she enlarged the hotel in 1928.

In 1930, Bertha started another hotel with plans for 100 rooms. However, this new hotel was never finished with the start of the Depression. Because of hard times during this period, the hotel was deeded to Lamar Savings and Loan in 1936.

Lamar Savings and Loan sold the hotel soon after receiving it to Clara Hamilton. When Clara passed away, the hotel went to her husband Dr. Lester Hamilton.

The hotel then passed through a succession of owners:

  • Dr. Lester Hamilton to Mr. Speers in October 1972
  • Mr. Speers to Delores McGrath in October 1975
  • Delores McGrath to Opal Weber in February 1981
  • Opal Weber to Lawrence and Margaret Jordan in October 1981
  • Lawrence and Margaret Jordan to Opal Weber in March 1987
  • Opal Weber to Willard Golf Sr. and Robert Bangs (Stage Stop Inc.) in 1987

In October 1991, Willard asked Cherry Gonser to open the hotel and run it through pheasant season. The hotel was booked the first weekend of the season and thus Cherry agreed to do this. Shortly after that, S&B Stagelines, a mail contractor, needed two rooms for drivers to use during their runs to Denver. The hotel became a real "stage stop."

In May 1992, Stage Stop Inc. sold the hotel to Cherry Gonser and Don Jones.

Cherry and Don registered the name of the hotel as the Stage Stop Hotel in memory of its early history. Cherry now manages the hotel, and is committed to improving it while maintaining its long western heritage.